FLAMENCO – Shaping the Collaboration Methodology

After nearly a year since the initiation of the project, FLAMENCO Partners gathered in Graz, Austria, on November 23-24, 2023, to assess the current status of the project and outline upcoming steps. Among the key topics on the agenda was the finalization of the collaboration methodology, which had been meticulously identified and agreed upon after months of collective research and discussions. In this context, FLAMENCO Partners undertook actions and decided a new structure of Working Groups within the ASA framework.
The approved collaboration methodology is intricately designed to align with the goals of the Pact for Skills initiative and will subsequently be shared with the entire Pact for Skills ecosystem.
This new structure introduces the innovative concept of “Topic Leadership.” These leaders are tasked with identifying, prioritizing, and guiding the focus of key topics within the automotive sector. This ensures that the working groups are attuned to the industry’s most pressing issues. Additionally, the concept of a “Topic Committee” has been introduced, consisting of ASA members with expertise, interest, or a stake in a particular topic identified by the Topic Leadership.
The roles and responsibilities of the Topic Committee encompass a spectrum of activities, including Topic Exploration, Discussion & Debate, Review of Working Group Proposals, Recommendations, Initiative Planning, Collaboration, Feedback Loop, and Member Engagement. Serving as gatekeepers, the Topic Committee holds the responsibility of reviewing new working group proposals, ensuring that ASA’s efforts remain focused on the most relevant and impactful areas within the automotive sector.
The four identified Topic Committees – Technology, Education, Diversity Attractiveness, and Regional – will drive the development of upcoming activities through dedicated task forces, each led by a project member. These task forces commit to providing public visibility to all outcomes.


FLAMENCO Project Partners met in Bucharest

On July 4-5, Partners of the FLAMENCO Project met in Bucharest (Romania) to discuss the project activities already successfully closed and set the next steps to be made during the coming months for the success of the project. Past actions and results were presented by the leaders of the completed Work Packages. The audience was involved in a design thinking exercise meant to identify success stories that should be included in future work and potential improvement areas. The next actions have been mutually agreed and milestones set to start actions aligned with the following work package objectives. The meeting also offered Partners the opportunity to better  know each other, to network and brainstorm, to build stronger cooperation, and align on common actions that will contribute to the FLAMENCO objectives and will take the project on European collaboration methods and models to the following level.



The Kick off meeting of the FLAMENCO (Forward Looking Approaches for Green Mobility Ecosystem Network Collaboration) project was held on February 21-22, 2023, in Ostrava. Its main purpose is boosting collaboration and enhance skills in the mobility ecosystem.
During the 2 days’ event that took place at the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) – who is also the coordinator of the project, all FLAMENCO partners got together, respectively ASA, ACEA,APTE, EDUCAM, EuroSPI, ISCN Inter TradeCard, OLIFE, Transilvania IT Cluster, TUG, VSB-TUO.

They have discussed efficient ways to join efforts to lead the project activities during the coming 24 months, agreed on the framework that will support their actions all along this journey as well as the sustainability of the project.